What does the Bible teach us?


The bible, best know religious book across the whole world, also the best selling book of all time. The main source of information for all Christianity, from Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox and all other 34 000 denominations of the Christianity. Many of them differ here and there in their stories and the messages which they are giving to the believers. But most of it is the same. The bible is a pretty controversial book in this modern times, especially considering how much immoral things are inside this book. Especially in the old testament. But what does bible really teach us? Does it teach us to be good people and be good to one another? Or are there some very questionable messages that don`t have a place in our modern society? Why some people take the bible as a literal word of god, and why some think of it just as a metaphor which has some higher meaning than what is written inside it. Pretty much every believer has its own view about what bible tries to teach us, what text are the literal word of god, and which are not. Even the churches between themselves can`t agree which parts of the bible are relevant, and which are not. In this article, we will try to give you an answer about what does bible teach us from an objective point of view. With that out of the way, let`s start with the article.

What are the things that the Bible teach us?

What are the real messages that bible is giving us? Many would agree that the main message of the bible is that we should love everyone, even our enemies. That we should forgive everyone for what they have done to us. That we should worship one and only god. That material good is not important, that we will be awarded the eternal afterlife. That is what most moderate Christians, that are also most numerous would agree. All of these messages mostly come from the new testament. All of them are the words of the Jesus Christ, the god in the body of a man, at least that is what Christians believe. And all of those points are very positive and something that we should strive forwards, something is an example of the way in which all religious people should lead their lives. But there are many more messages, and some are very dangerous, and alright evil.

Messages in the Bible that are not so good for our society

The bible is a compilation of many books that have been written by many different people. That is probably why there is so much contradiction inside the bible itself and the stories that are told in it. For example, did you know that by bible rules, if you eat shellfish and crabs that you should be put to dead? Did you know if you mix fabric that same should happen to you? Or did you know that in the bible there are many texts that justify the slavery? The reason why slavery was still prevalent until the 19th century is because it was written in the bible that having slaves is ok. Yes, those texts are in the old testament, but they are still in the bible. Inside book by which many people lead their lives. Those messages are very dangerous, those teachings can be very dangerous if implied in our modern society. The clear example of that is ISIS and their implementation of Kuran as the literal word of the Allah. And we all know what is ISIS doing all around the world, what horrible crimes they are doing each and every day around the world and to their own people.

The problem of some teachings

The biggest problems are that some teachings are full of very dangerous messages, as we stated in the previous part of the article. But there are even more. Like, for example, god in the old testament is willing to kill all people who believe in different gods. He is also very jealous god which won`t tolerate if you even doubt his existence or even think about believing in some other god except him. Also, the story of Abraham and his son is one that some prize, but many of us think that is very damaging. Especially when you think about it closely. The god wanted Abraham to sacrifice his son to him, and in the last second, he told him that he can sacrifice the god. If someone today would try to do the same thing that Abraham tried, we would put him in the mental hospital. Also, goes for the stories of Moses and the plagues that were released by God in Egypt. God of the old testament was willing to kill all that were not believing in him. Also, he had only one nation which he leads, he supposedly helped them in wars. This is also very damaging teaching because some people could take it as justifications for waging the war against other nations. Because the God is on their „side“. That is why also many people believe that most horrific crimes are done in the name of religion. Because there are so many contradictory and dangerous teachings of the bible. But you could not expect something different from the book of which some parts are older than 3000 years.


The bible definitely has some very important and beneficial teachings that can make our world a better place. Especially in the New Testament. Where the main point is compassion, helping other in need and being good to all people around you. But the Old Testament is a problem. That part of the bible is the reason for many wars around the world. For many cases of discrimination and racism around the world. If only people would not think of it as an important part of the bible teachings, then the world would be much better placed without so many wars and violence. If we only live by New Testament, then the would be a much better place.