High-tech technologies and religion phenomenon

Thousands of year we had and still have a strong impact how to live in our societies from different religions. However time is changing drastically and we are facing a new era of new power. Technologies in our life came step by step with our evolving education. Now at the Earth we are having two societies the modern society which life depends on technologies and other society which we can call trapped one. Which lives with beliefs of religions dogmas.


History of Christianity

Sadly but some governments are blocking this technology development in their countries. The main reason is to stop citizens from the better education options. This is letting them to control their citizens much better and stay at their high positions their entire life. Like North Korea, China, Russia and the most of Africa countries are having this issue. Now in the century where you can find so many great tools and resources online it is hard to understand. Most people are not fighting for their rights because they are trapped in that kind of societies life circle of work and life.

Some technologies are came to help those kind of people. Virtual private servers are letting person to connect with the global Internet by having a fake/another IP address. If you know someone who need help let them read more about the servers to have a better understanding how this solution may work for them. It may help not only for one or two people in the end it can have a great impact for all society, because a free Internet connection can educate all society and help to achieve more in their lives.