How religion positively affects our society

Religion exists almost as long as does human kind. We used to worship the strong and big animals, natural assurances like lightning storm and fire. There was always some type of religion connected to our kind. Many of us can`t even live normal lives without the religion. To many people, it offers the only hope that they can get. But why is the religion so important to so many people? Why people need religion so much? And does religion really have a positive effect on society? And, if it does, what are they? Well, let`s find out together in this article.


Are there any positive effect of the religion to our society?

Are there really positive effects of religion on the society? Well, there are, and there are a bunch of benefits of religion that help our society to be as it is today. Many of them are beneficial for the groups of people. More about that in the later part of the article. Religion can decently be a force for good and force of change that can help many people with their problems.

And what are the positive effects of religion in our society?

Well, the first benefit of religion is that gives the access to the group of people who think similar to you and who believe in the same god as you. This feeling of being the part of something greater than yourself, knowing that your fellow believers would help you in need. That is something so powerful that not many other social aspects can recreate. Also, religious people tend to be happier than non-religious people. That is because they believe in the afterlife as an award. We can`t know if the afterlife is a real thing, all that we can know is that religious people are happier people, which, in the end, increases the happiness of the whole population.

Another positive effect of religion is that there are many missionary missions in third world country’s which are founded so they could help the kids that are in need of help. They provide them food, water, shelter, and in some cases education. Many critiques will tell you that religious people are doing so just because they want to spread their religion to other people who are not of their religious affiliation. This may be the truth, it may not, but all that we can say for sure is that they are helping the people in need. For some people, religion is the only reason why they never become thieves, murderers and etc. The reason is because they are afraid of the possibility that they might go to hell for all the misconduct that they have made during their lives. This might not seem as such a bright positive affect on our society. But at least it is something and it is definitely working.

Religion also helps many people to deal with hard situations in their lives. For some, without religion, they would not be able to bear the burden of life. But with the religion, they can. This is the very positive affect on our society because it keeps many people from falling into depression after some tragic events that have happened in their lives. Religion also provides the great help for the people who were stuck in the hell of drugs. Religious institutions had made many communes in which they are trying to help people who are addicted to hard drugs. And in some cases,  they are able to rehabilitate people to the fullest. Some would say that they are only changing one addiction for another. Addiction of drugs for addiction to the religion and the God of theirs.

Religion can definitely be the force for good which can improve our society, as we can see from all of these points in this article. But Religion also can be very damaging for the development of our society. It is very conservative and hard to budge on some very important issues. We should cherish the positive effect of the religion on our society, but also be aware that religion in wrong hand can become a real force of evil that is also willing to do some horrible things. We are lucky that there are not so many people who are prone to that behavior. All in all, religion is has beneficial effects on our society, and most important thing is that we cherish them.