Should parents choose their children’s religion?

Religion was always a very sensitive topic to talk about. There are around 64% religious people all around the world. But that number is rapidly declining as the people are getting better access to the information and education. We used to wage wars based on our religious beliefs. Some even still wage wars in the name of their gods and which one is real and which is not. You can always find heated debates about the religion and should we believe in the mystical creatures like a god or not. This is very hard topic to debate, as many religious people won`t even try to put their belief on a test, and atheist and non-believers are very persistent when trying to do those debates. Religion will always be something over which people will have discussions, arguments. But in many cases, religious people are very militias in their ideas, they are trying to push theirs beliefs on everyone else. Which is definitely a very dangerous agenda. It breaks the whole meaning of the democracy. Don`t get us wrong, not all religious people are like that, most are just good and law abiding citizens. But there are many that trying to push theirs beliefs on the others. And now we come to the most important question of this article. Should parents really choose the religion in which their child will believe? Do parents have a right to decide for their childer such an important choice? The one that only grown person usually should make? Well, let`s find out.


What many religious people think

Most of the religious people believe that they should be able to decide what will their child believe. That they have a right to do so because it is their child, it is their blood, and most important thing in their lives. Also, as some religious beliefs have instituted that until the child is not baptized, that it would go to hell. Which is a very sickening belief system, but enough about that. Because of the potential that by their belief system their child could go to hell, they baptize their children almost as soon as they are born. This is because of fear that their child might die and that they won`t be able to meet in heaven. Some do it just because they want to indoctrinate their children in their own belief system. This is usually done because of selfish reasons, but sometimes because people are misguided, they are trying to do good for their child but in a wrong way.


Should you let your child choose their own religion or none- religious afiliation?

This should be very obvious to all of the people, but, unfortunately, it is not. Many people think that it is their right to choose what will their child believe. Which is wrong in so many ways. First, you remove the freedom of choice for your child. You have already decided in which god should your child believe. You have removed their chance to choose for themselves. You removed their freedom. This could sound hard to many religious people, but you should never decide in which god or religion your child should believe. This is very important choice, very personal choice which should be only on the person which is choosing for themselves what they will believe. And many religious people would disagree with this point. Which is something that you would expect from them. But there are also some religious people who let their children choose their own beliefs for themselves. And that is something that they should be commended for.


What is the reason why you should let your own child choose their own belief system?

Well, first, and foremost, you are letting them have a choice. You are giving them the freedom to decide for themselves what they want to believe. Second reason is because you allowing them to develop as the person on their own terms. No one likes to be pushed to do something that they don`t like, same goes with religion. You should never push it on your children. Also, you should present them with all options that are out there, with all possible religions and nonreligious belief system. This is definitely the best way for allowing your child to choose for themselves what they will believe in. Also, the important factor is that your child should be old enough to be able to decide for themselves in what will they believe and that they are capable of processing all the information that you gave them on religious and non-religious belief systems. Only then they should be able to choose what they will believe. If they choose the religion in which you believe or any other, that should not bother you. You should be proud that you gave your child the freedom to decide for themselves in what will they believe. Freedom of choice is one of the most important freedoms that every person in the world should have. And that is why we should cherish it the most.

So, in the end, should the parents decide the religious belief of their children? This article says it all, they should not. This is something that the only person that is old enough and educated enough on the issue should choose. It should be, as we said, the personal choice of every person. With religious indoctrination from the very start of the life, we are preventing the development of free choice in children. They think that only their belief is the right one, which, in many cases causes the discrimination towards people of other religions or nonreligious people. And, when you are indoctrinated, there is a very low chance that you will ever change your stance on your religious belief because you were programmed, indoctrinated by your parents to have one set of belief that is same as theirs. And if this belief system is full of logical fallacies and dangerous beliefs, the children will bring those beliefs in the future. Who knows how many potentially brilliant minds we have lost because of religious indoctrination from the start of our lives. That is every person should be able to choose for themselves what will they believe.